How I Started Writing

So, this is my first blog post. I suppose I should tell you about how I started writing.   I had a character, the character Gabriel and the start of a book in my head since I was seventeen. Over the years, ideas would pop in and out of my head. Even to the point where I had an end to the story and a couple of plot points.  However I had nowhere near enough for a short story let along a novel.

One fine summer’s day, a friend and I were sat in the beer garden of my local pub, slowly approaching drunkenness.  My friend, name of Stafford, was telling me about a book he had started writing. (check out @StaffordADavid on twitter for his latest project, I’ve read a bit of an early draft and it’s damn good)  We talked about his work for a while then I mentioned that I’d always fancied it but only had bits of a book.  His advice was “Just stagarden.jpg-largert writing and see where it takes you.”   So that’s what I did.  The next day I dragged my laptop out to a shady corner of the garden and gave it a go.  I got quit far before hitting my first brick wall. Took a break from writing for a few weeks while I thought about it and wrote some more, hit another brick wall, did the same thing.  Then work got quite stressful and I couldn’t concentrate enough to write properly for a two years.  The book was never out of my head completely though.

To be honest I never expected to get it finished, let alone published, even as an ebook.   I wrote for fun and I wrote as an artistic outlet. I’d recommend anyone who gets the urge gives it a go. To be honest I don’t know if the book’s any good. I like it, and my proofreaders like it.  I guess I’ll find out after it hits Amazon and I dare to look at the customer reviews.





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