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An open letter to the Conservative Party.

For the past seven years the public sector as a whole has endured a real-terms pay cut.   For seven long years our teachers, nurses, police officers, teaching assistants, firefighters, refuse collectors, and everyone else who works in our vital public services have seen their wages drop. Apart from MPs, of course.  After the shameful expenses scandal, MPs still pocked a nice meaty eleven per cent pay increase.  But hey, we’re ‘all in it together’, right?

These people empty our bins, teach our children, keep us safe, keep the very fabric of society ticking along.  When my wife took ill last year, these were the people looking after her in hospital.  When I lost my mum, these were the people who cared for her in her last days and last hours.  These are the people who give their working lives to our communities, to make all our lives better.  They should be paid a fair wage for their toil and shouldn’t see that wage cut because you in the Tory party think it’s more important to give tax breaks to the rich.

Over the past seven years, you’ve claimed that we’re all in it together; to some degree that would be fine if it weren’t an unmitigated lie.  In the run-up to the election you continually parroted the line that there is no magic money tree.  It turns out that there is one, as long as its fruit is only being used to bribe the homophobic, misogynistic, science denying, terrorist supporting nutters that are the DUP.

As a member of the electorate and British citizen I would like to know why the Conservative party cheered when announcing the cuts in 2010.  You claimed they were hard choices, but you were ecstatic when they passed through parliament.  They weren’t hard choices, they were the apotheosis of brutal Tory ideology.  An underpaid nurse has to make hard choices; feed her children or buy them shoes? That’s a hard choice. Suffer the indignity of visiting a food bank or go hungry? That’s a hard choice.  These are not choices you will ever understand because you live in an ivory tower built on the backs of the people you continue to exploit.  Do you really want a society where a god damn nurse has to go to a food bank?

I would like to ask you why you cheered again when you blocked the lifting of the public sector pay cap. It clearly wasn’t borne of reluctant acknowledgement of a financial reality. I could go on. Your constant interference in education, your ideological obsession with academies and selective education.  Field Marshal Hunt’s war on the NHS, cuts to the police service, your persecution of the disabled, your lack of basic human decency. I look forward to the day when the electorate wake up, boot you out of parliament, and give us a government that we as a nation can be proud of.


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